Tips for a Great Trip to Rome

There are not enough superlatives in the world to describe the wonders of this great city. Here are some tips for a great trip to Rome.

Eat Cacio e Pepe
My first tip when visiting Rome is to eat Cacio e Pepe. Do it immediately and do it every day. It is a dish of pasta, pecorino, pepper, and some olive oil. You might wonder why a dish so simple can be so delicious. I have no clue too but it’s one of the best plates of food you can get anywhere in the world.

Don’t be a ‘Tourist’
Don’t just do the touristy things, there is so much more to Rome than the Vatican and the Colosseum. Explore the little neighborhoods, sit down at the Trattoria and stuff your face, and get lost for a while. Now, I am not saying don’t see the sights but if you have to see the Sistine Chapel of the Colosseum do it early in the morning before the tour buses get there or during the week if you can. Avoid the first Sunday of the month when it’s free. Yes, it may be free but the crowd might not allow you to get the best experience. You can go on a Monday morning and if you really hate to queue pay an extra 13 Euros to join a guided tour. Also, don’t panic if you don’t get inside the Sistine Chapel there is plenty of amazing views everywhere you look you will be fine.

Walk Everywhere
Rome may feel a bit big and daunting at first but it’s a surprisingly easy city to navigate. Walking allows you to stumble upon all the little magical corners that make this city so great.

Eat all the Things
Rome is a gastronomic playground, play in it. You will get an amazing Roman fair for surprisingly reasonable prices. Eat the amazing Roman style thin crust pizza, eat gelato, eat amatriciana and pasta dish with tomato pecorino and pig jowls. Now, if you are looking for the best places there’s no shortage of information online but my advice is to ask the locals because they know best. They are also some of the friendliest, most helpful people you will meet anywhere in the world.

Leave your Selfie Stick at Home
If you want to get a picture taken ask someone to take it for you, who knows you might even make a friend.

Relax…go to it
Rome is huge, don’t try to do it all. Spend a day strolling the charming streets of the trattoria, get drunk on some wine or some Negroni, go to an amazing outdoor nightclub and get weird with the locals. Kick back and watch the world go by. Your train will be late and you will not be seated at the time of your reservation just go with it. You may not see it all but I promise you will have a much better time along the way. Remember, just because it’s written in the guidebook doesn’t mean you have to see it. Let Rome see you, let it creep up on you allow yourself to not have a plan. This is a magical ancient city it deserves to be savored.

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